The Windows of Venice: A Photo Essay on Venetian Windows

by | Mar 8, 2016

What is so special about Venetian Windows anyway?

Venice has a rather eclectic mix of architecture. It is like a patchwork quilt of buildings where some pieces are lovingly handed down by a favorite elder, some fresh and new, and a lot of it is everything in between. The buildings, some of them though old and decaying exude a pensive vibe which is present through the city. The peeling paint, the uneven wood work, knotty window frames, the fading graffiti and signage, the patchy paint all add a certain depth to the city. Its windows are its crowning glory. The Venetian windows exhibit the spirit if the city in a concentrated form. They are the eyes of a building, revealing so much yet retaining their unique charm. The Venetian cityscape looks like an avant-garde inside out art museum where the windows are the art pieces. They range from the Byzantine and Gothic to the minimalist modern.

I spent many an afternoon riding up and down the water bus, immersing myself in their frighteningly withering beauty. Since most of the images were taken from the water bus, I used my trusty 18-55 mm Nikon kit lens with my D5100.

Scroll down to see them.

brown shutter windows of venice

shuttered green windows of venice

Venetian Gothic windows of venice

b&b facade windows of venice

red building brown facade windows of venice

pastel facade; blue windows of venice

yellow shuttered windows of venice

windows of venice; ruin porn

Minimal brown shuttered windows of venice

Gothic windows of venice

peeling ageing windows of venice

 facade windows of venice

modern windows of venice

windows of venice

minimal windows of venice

bright modern windows of venice

windows of venice rialto